Community Action Fund

The Community Action Fund is now closed!

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We are aiming to get back to all candidates as soon as possible. However, the response to the Community Action Fund has been overwhelming. 

As a result, we are so grateful for your patience as our small team works through all your incredible stories. 


Is the Community Action Fund right for you?

The Community Action Fund is open to UK-based organisations that are:

  1. Rooted in and accountable to their community. 
  2. Hoping to achieve long-term change on issues affecting the lives of their community. 
  3. Addressing injustice by building the power of their community. For example, through community organising, campaigning, or democratic engagement. 
  4. Lacking the resources to take their vision to the next level. 
  5. Seeking to build a larger us and resisting the politics of division 

The Community Action Fund prioritises organisations led by people with lived experience of the injustice they are trying to overcome. 

How to apply?

We do not want to waste your time. 

Before submitting an application, you must first answer a short questionnaire to confirm your organisation is in scope. 

The questionnaire includes a checklist of yes or no questions. It also includes four questions where you can share a few bullet points or a short video to tell us a bit more about your work. 

To be eligible for funding you must complete the questionnaire by 26th February 2023. 

Before completing the questionnaire, please read the ‘What is in Scope’. 

Please complete the questionnaire below.

If you have any questions, or would like help answering the questionnaire please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

Timescales and decision making 

You must complete the questionnaire by the 26th February 2023. 

The Civic Power Fund team will review submissions on a rolling basis to confirm whether your organisation is in scope. A member of our team will be in touch before the end of February.

If your organisation is in scope, a will offer hands-on guidance and support in completing a short Grant Memo. 

Final Grant Memos will be completed by the end of March. 

A Community Action Panel made up of grassroots organisers and campaigners from across the UK will make the final decision about which organisations receive funding. 

Final awards will be announced in April 2023

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at


Democracy. Democracy means people working together to identify problems, co-design solutions, and win change. It thrives when people have the power to hold their elected representatives to account beyond participating in elections.

Power. Power is the ability to act. Civic power means people coming together to win lasting change that matters to them. When members of a community stand in solidarity with each other and with those outside their community, they can build a base of people power capable of holding decision-makers to account. This requires people knowing how to influence and engage with democracy over the long-term. 

Lived experience. First hand experience — past or present — of injustice.

Justice. The five commonly understood principles of social justice are 1) work grounded in human rights; work focussed on 2) the fair distribution of both resources and 3) opportunities; 4) ensuring all groups have equal capacity to participate in democracy; and 5) action to prevent discrimination based on age, class, gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity and disability.

Grassroots. Organisations that are rooted within a specific community or area. 

Community. Community can apply to your local area, or the particular group you represent. For example: people living with disabilities, people with experience of the immigration or asylum system, people of colour, working class communities, women, and LGBTQI communities.

When people work together to build coalitions, contest big ideas, and make things happen, that’s democracy in action.