We can achieve so much more when we’re organised.

The Civic Power Fund is a new fund for grassroots community organising.

Too many people cannot achieve their full potential because of who they are or where they are from.

Community organising changes this. It unleashes the power of people to improve their lives and achieve lasting change.

Civic power is the capacity of citizens to organise and effect change.

Too many communities feel powerless to change the things they care about. 

Community organising tackles this. It builds the power of excluded communities to take action on the issues that matter to them.

That’s why we started the Civic Power Fund.


We are the first donor fund dedicated to community organising. We provide targeted long-term funding in key geographies across the UK.


We are governed by movement builders, with board members drawn exclusively from leaders of social purpose organisations.


We work with organisations as partners, employing a trust-based and participatory grantmaking approach.

Alliance for Youth Organising

Opportunities to join a new Alliance for Youth Oraganising now open!

Civic power enables us to build a more just society, where every person and place can achieve their full potential.