Our Strategy


We provide direct support to grassroots groups using community organising to build civic power.


We help build the infrastructure organising needs to thrive, turning short-term activity into long-term civic power.


Through all our work we invest in the civic leaders committed to building power and uplifting the voices of those who need change.


We focus on supporting grassroots organisers mobilising their own communities, and organisations led by women and people of colour.

These communities know what changes they need, but are often excluded from democracy and decision-making. Enabling resources to flow to them directly is a vital way to build civic power and secure justice.

This is also where some of the most exciting organising is happening, but it is often unseen by funders and unsupported by infrastructure. We want to change this.

Find out more about what drives us and why in our Vision, Mission and Values

To rebuild our democracy, citizens must be agents not recipients of change.

Where we work

Place is at the heart of building and exercising
civic power.

We will geographically target our resources and support, focusing on areas underserved by organising where we think there is the most potential for building civic power.

Alongside nationwide infrastructure support, we will initially focus grassroots organising support on three areas: North Manchester, North Wales, and Hampshire and Surrey. We have supported Act Build Change to identify, engage and coordinate organisers involved in long-term power-building in these areas, helping to build shared goals and metrics of success, develop place-based narratives, and inform our strategy.

North Manchester

Towns and suburban areas here have rapidly diversified and are home to communities of British Indians, British Pakistanis, and Orthodox Jews. We will support organising that addresses shifting dynamics and develops relationships rooted in place, community, and partnership.


This area contains several of the most deprived wards in Wales. We will support organising that develops models suited to more rural and deprived areas in the UK that retain some manufacturing base and identity.

Hampshire and Surrey

These villages and towns have, on average, higher levels of wealth and education than our other two target areas but also include pockets of deprivation. By supporting organising here, we aim to learn how building civic power might be differently conceived where towns and communities are more spread out, and dealing with different but cross-cutting challenges.