Our vision is a world where every person has the power to shape the quality of their life, community and future. 

To realise this, our democratic institutions must be responsive to the rights and needs of all - starting with the people excluded because of who they are or where they are from.


Our mission is to build lasting civic power through community organising.

This means bringing people who share a problem together to apply pressure on their institutions to act. 

By investing in grassroots organising, we can unleash the power of people to improve their lives and their communities and create common cause in pursuit of the social, environmental, and economic justice vital to a flourishing democracy.  


Because we meet the world as it is not as we wish it to be, the values that guide our work are as important as the ends we seek. 

  • Self-determination. We trust people to build strategies and make decisions to shape the institutions, actions and policies impacting their lives. 
  • Solidarity. We help to build solidarity within and between communities to achieve the collective action vital to shifting the balance of power through democracy. 
  • Justice. We work to dismantle the barriers to racial, economic, gender and LGBTQ+ justice that are standing in the way of full democratic participation and we foster representation and liberation through all our work.  
  • Dignity. We value our common humanity and act with kindness, care and respect to build a democracy that involves and brings out the best in all of us.  
  • Humility. We are committed to listening to, learning from and following the lead of the communities, groups and individuals doing the work.   
  • Bravery. We recognise that building power is hard and takes time and courage, so we will challenge dishonesty, fraud and disinformation and we will reward risk and embrace failure - and learn from both.
  • Hope. We are optimistic about the future because we passionately believe that organised people have the power to shape their lives and the world for the better.