Our Team


Martha Mackenzie

Executive Director
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Mohammed Afridi

Director of Organising
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Eliza Baring

Project Support Officer
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Matthew Howgate

Governance Hub Director
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Kirsty McNeill (Chair)

Save the Children

Kirsty is Executive Director for Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns at Save the Children. 

Previously, she founded a consultancy to advise leading social purpose organisations, worked as a special adviser in Number 10, and led on policy and influencing in Europe for DATA. Kirsty has also been on the board of Make Poverty History and managed the Stop AIDS Campaign. 

Nick Lowles

HOPE not hate

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Catherine McDonald


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Dan Vockins

Executive Director

Luke Tryll

UK Director
More in Common

Will Somerville

UK Director
Unbound Philanthropy

Henna Shah

Climate Campaign Manager

Ayesha Saran

Programme Manager
Barrow Cadbury Trust

Ella Robertson

Managing Director
One Young World

Gemma Mortensen

New Constellations

Alasdair Murray

Director of External Affairs

Kenny Imafidon

Co-Founder and Managing Director
ClearView Research

Roger Harding

Chief Executive

Rosie Evans

Chair, Refugee
Asylum and Migration Policy (RAMP) project

Karin Christiansen

Managing Director

Sotez Choudhury

Associate Director of Networks
Friends of the Earth

Nick Chedli Carter

Managing Director
Resilient Democracy Fund

Professor Danielle Allen

Professor and Democracy Advocate

Organising Partners


When people work together to build coalitions, contest big ideas, and make things happen, that’s democracy in action.